Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Recipe Friday: Grandma's Coffee Cake

I don't think anyone has tried to follow this recipe since I found it, but it seems to elicit memories in Dick's family and that is the important part. He says he didn't like it because it was too much like bread, but he does recall his grandmother holding a loaf in the crook of her elbow and slicing off pieces. His brother remembered the flavor when he saw this. Their cousin is the one who told me about it originally. Grandmother was Catherine (Hochrein) Hoffman Klich. She came to the U.S. from Bavaria in 1894 to live with her Uncle Michael Keller in Massbach, Illinois. She cared for his ailing wife until her death. The Hoffman family lived close by.
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  1. I just started scrapbooking the 'family favorite' recipes so you post caught my eye! Thank you for sharing. We have a neighbor who makes 'raisin cake'. It is very much like a dense pound cake with raisins. seems very similar to the the recipe you shared. Good with coffee or tea...but otherwise...