Monday, February 22, 2010

Hoffman Immigrant Family

Here is a chart of the immigrant family with the parents on the left and the children and their spouses on the right. At the top is Jacob, the oldest; it continues in chronological order. Remember to click on the image to see it full size!


  1. I am trying to trace Hoffmans from Toledo, Ohio. I have gone back only as far as Anna, born in Toledo 1892, crossed to Canada 1925 with 2 yr old son James.

    James is the mystery father of my half sister who never knew him. She was raised by my father as his so we don't know if they were ever really married or if that was just "the story" to save face.

    I found a death listed for James Richard Hoffman born in Toledo, 1923 died in Wildwood Florida in 1986. That fits with what we know.
    I order my sisters birth cert but its not microfilm so only gave names and date of her birth.

    I live in LA, she is a missionary in Haiti. I am going to Toledo in May and will visit Lucas County Records and see what i can find in obits, microfilm etc...but you seem to be an expert in this..wonder any leads or tips?

    I am on and finding my info there. Constance laFountaine Tree..if you are a member. It's public.

    Just wondered if you came across any other Hoffman while searching in Toledo. Thanks for any help you may provide.

    Connie Rivera

  2. Good Morning Jean, this is a long shot, I'm trying to trace my Hoffmann/Hofmann family history in Switzerland. The earliest I have found so far is Heinrich Hoffmann from Unterkulm, Aargau n Switzerland and then missing generation or 2 and then a Rudolf Hoffman from Aargau who was born in 1531. I have a family tree website if you are interested. Please contact me at if you are interested.