Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day: Hoffmans in the U.S. Armed Forces

Hoffman Family in the Union Army: The Immigrant Generation

Henry and John Hoffman both served in the Union Army. While their service came at the end of the war, it was not without travail and even fatality as it cost the life of their cousin, Jacob Homberger.

Hoffman Family in World War I: The Next Generation

John Hoffman's youngest son, Rudolph served in the U.S. Army overseas in World War I. Ruth Whalen shared letters he wrote to her family. Both she and Lucille McCue, his nieces, shared photos of him in uniform. This photo from Lucille was taken when he returned home to Illinois.

Hoffman Family in World War I: Grandchildren

John Hoffman's oldest daughter, Margaret or Maggie, had a son, Clarence Rose, who was about the same age as his uncle Rudolph Hoffman. Clarence served in the war, also overseas, in a unit from his home state of Colorado. Ruth Whalen shared this photo of Clarence and his mother.

Regula Hoffman, wife of John Hagie of Elizabeth, Illinois, had three sons. Albert C. Hagie moved to Minnesota and at least one of his children, Albert Frank Hagie, served in World War I. Later he moved to Washington, DC, where he served in the U.S. Navy Band. When he died 14 August 1986, he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Another of Regula's sons, Frederick, stayed in Elizabeth and his son, Franklin Eugene Hagie, was a doctor and served in World War I in that capacity. He moved to Richmond, Indiana, after the war. I believe more family members served in WWI, but these are stories I remember now.

Thanks to these and all the family members who have served over the years.