Friday, December 18, 2009

Oberglatt: Hoffmann home community

Originally posted 31 May 2009

Oberglatt is a community that today is just north of the runways of the Zurich International Airport. Above is its coat of arms. It is the place (gemeinde) where the Hoffmann family had its citizenship. I wrote in the newsletter some years ago about Swiss citizenship and will revisit the idea soon. I want to write a summary of the Hoffmann surname ancestors. What we've learned about them goes back to the early 1600s with the earliest man born before 1600 though the church registers did not begin until just after that. I don't have email addresses for all the family, so will need to continue the printed newsletters too.

Most of the communities of Zurich have websites and Oberglatt is no exception. I was disappointed when I looked at photos there to find that the local church was replaced with a modern building in 1964. I did wish it was still there, but there is an old Methodist chapel that looks very attractive, and you might enjoy its picture.

You can visit their website at but it is all in German.

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