Monday, November 15, 2010

Military Monday: Sgt. Rudolph G. Hoffman

Rudolph G. Hoffman (or George Rudolph) was the youngest child of immigrant John Hoffman. Rudolph grew up in Savanna, Illinois, and worked for the railroad. In 1918 he joined the army, going to Europe in the AEF. As a fluent speaker of German, from his German mother and Swiss father, he was useful to the army both during and after the war. In January of 1919 he wrote letters to his sister Bertha in La Crosse, Wisconsin, from Coblenz, Germany where he was happy to have a feather bed to sleep in. His address was then Sgt. R. G. Hoffman, Headquarters 3rd Army, G 2 B Coblenz Germany. I believe a set of photos shared by two of his nieces, Ruth Whalen and Lucille McCue, are from the family's celebration of his return home. They were thankful for his return and that the entire family survived the influenza epidemic.

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